Cadillac Destroyed Their Logo And It's Fantastic

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Yesterday, we showed you some pictures of the new Cadillac flagship concept, the Elmiraj, which in my head I keep wanting to type as 'Emoji.' It's a handsome, striking car, but many people are fixated on how the wreath is gone from the stretched logo. Seriously, they are. But they shouldn't be, and here's why, in chart form.


Cadillac's logo is based on a sort-of-faked coat of arms for Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac, the man who founded Detroit in 1701. The reason no one should be too up-in-arms about the loss of the wreath is that Caddy's crest may be the most manipulated and ever-changing single logo of almost any car company.

Other companies periodically change their logos, but Cadillac takes the same one and stretches, tweaks, simplifies, adds things, removes bits, etc. That's what this chart is designed to demonstrate, so use it well. And especially note the stretching. Caddy loves stretching that shield.