The emergency Labor Day weekend repairs to the San Francisco Bay Bridge failed yesterday when a cable snapped, sending debris into traffic below. Luckily nobody was injured, but the bridge has been closed indefinitely by Caltrans. Details, more pictures, below.

The failure occurred in the external block and cable supports designed to reinforce the cracked link which was discovered during planned work on the Bay Bridge over Labor Day weekend. A rod under tension snapped, sending support cable and a large metal block to the pavement, where two drivers collided with the debris. Caltrans officials have closed the bridge following the massive rush-hour backup with no indication of a reopening date. Investigators will be evaluating the failure and the subsequent safety of the bridge as well as determining a course of action for repair.

The span is in its last years as new Bay Bridges are currently being constructed to replace the 73-year-old structure. Have fun with that commute San Francisco. [SFGate]

Photo credit: Michael Macor / The Chronicle