Buy Jon Olsson's 700 hp Audi R8 And Arrive To The Ski Slopes In Style

Say you are an avid skier or snowboarder and need a vehicle that can get you to the mountain and still haul all your gear. But you don't want to be boring and get an Outback like all the other powder heads. What you need is a sinister looking, AWD, supercar with some extra cargo for your skis or boards.

Many of us fantasize about a weekend car for cruising, canyon carving, or attacking our local race track. A car that throws practicality aside for pure driving enjoyment. Car Buying has scoured the internet to find a ride for your perfect Sunday Drive!


Jon Olsson is a professional skier, with a preference for fast Audis. Given that he spends most of his time on the snow and ice, you can't blame him for wanting to have the legendary Quattro system to keep him planted to the road. For awhile he was hooning around in this modified R8 known as the PPI Razor GTR. He has since upgraded to an RS6 Avant wrapped in winter camo, but that means you can own this cold conquering sports car listed on GT Spirit for a mere $130,000.


Practically every body panel has been replaced with carbon fiber reducing the weight by about 250kg (aprox. 550 lbs.) and Jon wasn't completely satisfied with the R8's stock V10 that made over 600hp so he opted for a STASIS power upgrade that pumps the output past 700hp mated to an R-tronic transmission. Inside you will find alcantara seats and red accents to break up all the black and grey. And of course there is the obligatory roof mounted ski box.


So forget that Subaru because your broke ski bums will just be begging your for rides to and from the slopes. Drop in with this monster Audi and show them all how to shred.

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