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This Badass RS6 Wagon Is Jon Olsson's New Winter Ride

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Swedish pro-skier and proper car nut Jon Olsson is famous for using outrageously fast cars for getting to the slopes. But for the next season, he chose an RS6 instead of the supercars we've seen before. I guess he's getting older.

And wiser. I mean yes, his Gallardo, Murcielago LP-670 SV and murdered out Audi R8 all came with all-wheel drive. But an RS6 will be faster on ice. Much faster in fact. That's a proper Quattro car.


The lucky bastard himself had this to say about it:

Before I pick it up Stertman Motorsport is going to work their magic and give this thing some extra love. I have yet to decide exactly what to do, but I do know that a Milltek exhaust will be fitted as well as some dumped suspension by H&R, but we all know I like power and I am sure that when it leaves Stertman it will be a beast! Well it already is to be honest! I have never jumped into a stock car and have it blow my mind, this truly is the most impressive car I have ever driven, the only car that came close to impress me as much was the Agera R, so I think that says a lot! ;-)

Cant wait to crush this around the winter roads!

We can't wait either Jon, but I'm sure you'll have some GoPros attached to it.


Photo credit: (Hat tip to Drew!)