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But What Does A Miata Club President Think Of The 2016 Miata?

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Meet Joe. Joe is the President of the Nutmeg Miata Club. As you’d imagine, he’s a huge Miata nut who took off work to check out the 2016 Mazda Miata when we were at Lime Rock Park. I gave him a ride on Lime Rock’s autocross. It’s safe to say he enjoyed it.


If you haven’t heard, we quite like the 2016 Miata around here. But one of the biggest parts of Mazda’s audience are the enthusiasts who have owned Miatas for years. I’m one of them, but then there are people who have had more Miatas than children or pets. People that live for Mazda’s lightweight smile machine.


They’ll like it too. Just like I enjoyed it on track:

And when I acted like a goon that can’t do an impression of someone unless they’re Australian:

Videos shot and edited by Mike Roselli
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William Clavey

The 2016 MX-5 is a car worth working out and losing weight for.