Bulldog R/C Rider Is The Best Grown-Up Toy Car Ever

Playing with R/C cars always engenders the thought "Man that would be really fun if it was big enough to ride." Well 3Z Scale has an awesome new offering: The Bulldog R/C Rider.

The Bulldog is a giant 1/3 scale, gasoline-powered, radio control truck which can be converted to run like a compact four wheel ATV, launched recently at Dealer Expo 2009.

The truck runs on a 110 CC four stroke single cylinder engine and is controlled remotely by a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, but when you're done playing from a distance, attach the handlebars and nerf bars and go for a ride. The tube frame and four wheel independent suspension makes sure an entertaining is is designed to carry a seated full grown man, who will be giggling like a little kid the whole ride. Check out the gallery we've ported over from 3Z scale below:

(Thanks for the tip Rodrigo)

[3Z Scale]

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