Building A Low-Budget LS-Swap Camaro: How Hard Could It Be?

The formula sounds simple: buy some old $800 Craigslist special and stuff an omnipresent LS in it. This is what every Internet car nerd recommends if you want cheap speed, and this is how this kind of budget build actually plays out, fuckups included.

Hot Rod Garage is back with this, the Bonemaro, a ‘79 Camaro they found on Craigslist in a desert town with no engine. Tony Angelo talked the price down to $800, his co-presenter Lucky got a 5.3-liter ‘LM7' V8 from an ‘02 Avalanche for about a grand, and things went from there.


There are a lot of cool little budget tricks in here, like using window sealant to make something like a polyurethane engine mount and using a Bosch fuel pump for a Porsche 911 to get enough gas to their Chevy V8.

It ain’t pretty, but it works. For most of us, that’s enough.

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The Crazy Kanuck; RIP Oppositelock

You can hate on the LS all you want. It is the best $/Hp you can buy, combine it with its massive after market it is a great engine. It is the Lego of engines, there is an LS swap kit for every car you can think of. There is a reason why it is popular.