Yesterday we learned about the high cost of expectations: a few seconds of launch control confusion left a thousand-horsepower Bugatti Veyron flatfooted against a pedestrian-by-comparison Nissan GT-R. But on the second run, payback was swift and sweet.

The JDM-tuning fanboys at That Racing Channel caught both the initial fumble and the followup in one clip. We know about the first pass; the second is the fulfillment of those earlier expectations.

The Veyron still looks about as normal at a dragstrip as someone wearing a priest's cassock at a tango-dancing competition, but the numbers speak for themselves: Once the launch control is set right, the heavyweight Veyron effortlessly rolls off a 10.17-second quarter mile with a trap speed of 139 and change. The tuned GT-R looks less Nissan than Nissin.

It's one thing to snicker at the rich guy when things don't go right at first, but be prepared to appreciate what happens when things do go right.