Über Fail: $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron loses drag race to Nissan GT-R

The appeal of the Bugatti Veyron is it's so fast and so well-engineered any obscenely wealthy person can hop into it and be faster than other, poorer, people. Not this guy. He appears to not understand how the vehicle's launch control works and sits there, lamely, as the guy in the GT-R blows him away.

Admittedly, we respect this Veyron owner for taking the car to a race track and agreeing to put it on a drag strip. How many Veyrons have been taken to a random 1/4 mile strip o' asphalt? I can't name many.


Now that we've given him proper credit it's time for all of us to prod him with sticks for not knowing how to use his vehicle's launch control and getting spanked by a Nissan GT-R — the nemesis of all vehicles that aren't Nissan GT-Rs.

After the crowd enjoys watching the rich guy flail around helplessly he figures out how to launch it and turns a respectable 12-second time.

When it comes to the second pass he's clearly figured out how it works and lays down a ridiculous 10.17 @ 139 mph (with a passenger). Maybe perseverance is how this Bugatti owner accrued enough coin to afford to drag race one.

(Hat tip to Steve!)

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