Bugatti Isn't Taking Your One-Off Model Requests, No Matter How Much Money You Want To Pay

The Bugatti Centodieci, which will be limited to 10 models. Bugatti priced each at nearly $9 million, and said they are sold out.
The Bugatti Centodieci, which will be limited to 10 models. Bugatti priced each at nearly $9 million, and said they are sold out.
Image: Bugatti

Money doesn’t buy taste, honey, and Bugatti doesn’t want yours. Don’t try to bribe the company into building you something from your puny brain, because it doesn’t want to. It’s going to build what it wants, and you can either buy it or not, because Bugatti exists to design the cars and you exist to buy them.


Yes, yes, this is terrible news, but at least you have 42 other vehicles at home to distract yourself with. Life isn’t all bad, you know?

While some other ultra-luxury automakers allow specific customers to request one-off vehicles to their preference, Bugatti told Autocar recently that wouldn’t be the case in its ranks. Bugatti is instead about “modern coachbuilding,” the story said, which essentially means Bugatti will make cars meant for limited-run and one-off collectors, but not by them. This is Bugatti’s show, after all.

Pierre Rommelfanger, who led the Divo project, told Autocar his team decides what it’ll build in the end because he wants each idea to fit “squarely into Bugatti’s strategy.” Rommelfanger also mentioned that Bugatti has to turn down buyers, saying there’s a “line of collectors” wanting to buy a Divo if one of the 40 people who reserved them cancels.

From the story:

He ruled out taking requests from clients. So even the wealthiest collector can’t travel to Molsheim with a suitcase full of money and drive home in the four-door, Dakar-ready Chiron Sport of his or her dreams. Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti’s head designer, echoed Rommelfanger’s comments. [...]

Bugatti claims it has no trouble putting the one-off and few-off cars it designs in private collections. Its customers are loyal. They buy a car without first driving it, knowing they’ll have to wait at least two years for delivery, and they fully trust that the brand will exceed their expectations.

Bugatti showed off one of its limited-run vehicles recently—the Centodieci, whose rated 1,600 horsepower will be limited to 10 models that cost nearly $9 million apiece. It’s all a very casual and inexpensive operation, you know.

But if you missed out on it, don’t think you can go ask the company to design the battle-car Bugatti you’ve dreamed of ramming zombies with. Whether you have $100 or $100 million, it sounds like Bugatti is good with its own ideas.


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Blah, blah, it’s $9M for a car that looks like it was designed by

That comment is not a compliment.

And what does “Centodieci” translate to? “100 idiots with no taste who can’t count to ten?”