Welcome to Buffalo in 1937! While on the other side of the water, 1,200 miles of Hitler's Autobahn were completed by December, at the same time, Buffalo lost five people in the battle against one hell of a snowstorm.


[Have no fear, by the time we're done with the British Pathé archives, we shall all speak the Her Majesty's olde English.]

The March of 1936 certainly was unusual in Buffalo as over 20 inches of snow dropped during one afternoon on St. Patrick's Day.

Next December was no better. According to the Chicago Tribune's records, the Red Cross and the State Troops had to do their best to provide food and shelter after five died and the village of Kenmore even asked for National Guard Troops, a request Governor Lehman had to refuse.

Fast forward 25 years, and the situation in Buffalo was no better. 16 snowy days in January 1962 alone and 25.3 inches of snow to deal with, while around 2/3 of America being in a very similar boat thanks to an Arctic air mass coming down from Canada.


The half-frozen citizens of Denver, Dallas, Buffalo, Atlanta and Memphis all blamed Canada.