Monumental Amount Of Snow Turns Western NY Into Driving Wasteland

That's the New York State Thruway, up there. Well, it was the New York State Thruway.

And then a lake-effect snowstorm came in, dropping more than six goddamn feet of the white stuff on western New York yesterday and into last night. What started out as just a bad snowstorm for Buffalo turned into a dangerous blizzard, A 132-mile stretch of the highway remains closed, and any hope Buffalonians had of ever getting to work or school or home or just even to the grocery store remains closed, too.


But let's say you think I'm exaggerating about all this snow, because this is The Internet, Where Hyperbole Lives. So check out this white noise:

That's right, the cops have gave up on cars last night, and resorted to patrolling the highways using snowmobiles. Feel free to correct me in the comments if I'm way off-base here, but snowmobiles do not normally drive on highways, at least not routinely.

In all seriousness, much of this storm is not a laughing matter, as at least six deaths were blamed on the snow. Over 100 motorists were trapped, including the Niagara University Women's Basketball team, which found itself completely trapped after even the snow plows got stuck.


The team eventually ended up resorting to melting the snow for water.

When it comes to serious blizzard conditions like the ones smothering Buffalo right now, law enforcement snowmobiles aren't just to check up on the stranded and abandoned. In past situations, law enforcement tends to top off gas tanks, make sure no one is freezing to death, and they also remind motorists of basic survival tips, such as making sure your exhaust is clear to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


So if you're in Buffalo, stay alive.

Well, at least until tonight, when another monster snow storm is forecast to hit.


And then move somewhere else.

Because this is just insanity, and your hockey team is terrible.

Photo credit: New York State Governor's office

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