Buell Debuts SuperTouring 1190 At Daytona Bike Week

Is Buell trying to compete directly with Harley-Davidson's Panamerica, or is it something else entirely?

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Screenshot: Buell on Instagram

The absolute weirdness of Buell is totally back, even without Erik at the helm. Over a year ago the revived Buell announced the SuperTouring concept with a rendering on its website, and on Wednesday the company unveiled the finished product, or at least a working prototype, during Daytona Bike Week. Buell is calling this bike the world’s fastest touring bike. Uh, sure.

The SuperTouring features the same 1190cc V-twin found in the company’s existing Hammerhead superbike and 1190SX naked sport bike, as was always the expectation. That means 185 horsepower and 101 lb-ft of torque, which should be plenty for this type of bike. The SuperTouring is definitely more of a sport tourer than an adventure tourer, showing off some nearly track-ready rubber and carbon fiber galore.

There’s a tall windshield and some extremely functional looking mirrors, plus a pair of hard cases on the back, but aside from that it’s pretty much just a tall sport bike. This looks like it’s aiming for a sliver of market share between the Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak and maybe a Kawasaki H2 SX. Either end of that spectrum is pretty heavy competition, though. Here’s hoping Buell came correct.


The new SuperTouring is certainly making a few an unorthodox aesthetic choices, what with the boxy front end and sculpted sport-bike-like fairings. Buell is clearly aiming for the level of cult classic, rather than showroom darling. There won’t be many who find this bike beautiful, but if it’s functionally competent, it could be the choice of someone looking for a unique experience. Buell’s last effort in this space, the Ulysses, still has its fans, so maybe they’re on to something. 


As for me, I’ll probably stick to my 25-year-old BMW. I don’t really need more than that. 185 horsepower is not something I’m looking for.