Britney Spears Buys SL65, Who Will She Hit First?

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Because being a bad mother is a full-time job, we don't blame Britney for taking time out of her busy schedule of chandelier shopping and court appearances to buy a white Mercedes-Benz SL65. As with everything involving Brtiney Spears, it was chaos at the car dealership and she had to have a police escort to test drive the 604-hp beast. Here's an idea: have a police escort anytime she drives the car to protect herself and others. I guess she doesn't read Jalopnik, because if she did she'd know where to find another SL65 on the cheap. [TMZ]

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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

Oh God... that's the opposite of what she needs... and what she

needs is something that runs on Diesel and doesn't have more than 4

cylinders... or maybe something with 4 cylinders and runs on gasoline -

but no turbos or superchargers.