British Steam Car Powers Past 127MPH Record, Unofficially

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The British team attempting to break the long-standing steam-powered land speed record have beaten the 127 MPH mark, unofficially. They still need a visit from the FIA and another pair of runs to make it official.


The fastest tea kettle in the world managed a top speed of 131MPH at California's Edwards Air Force Base on the dry lake bed there, with the LPG fired mini-boilers and 360 HP Curtis turbine engine working exactly as planned. In the long run, the team is aiming at crushing the record of 127.66 mph­ set in 1906 with a top speed of 150 MPH. At the moment though, the team must await certification of top speed by the FIA, which requires two runs within an hour to certify the record, and should be going on as of this writing. Good luck chaps, and blow a lot of hot air. [CNET]

Photo credit The British Steam Car Challenge


In other news, the Future Carriage set a land speed record of 45mph for horsedrawn carriages. This marvel of technology included an kinetic energy recovery system (whip powered by braking), a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, and an electronic differential for each hoof.

I guess steam cars will become worthwhile when we miniaturize nuclear reactors (?).