It seems like the team of British speed freaks aiming at one of the oldest land speed records on the books is one step closer after successfully testing their steam-powered speedster.

On a low speed run, Don Wales, grandson of speed record legend Sir Malcolm Campbell tested it's LPG fired mini-boilers and 360 HP Curtis turbine engine, even testing the automatic shut down systems with great success.


The record-breaking run is planned for next summer and the team is working to secure the dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force base to make their attempt. The previous FIA-recognized steam-powered land-speed record is 127.66 mph­, set in 1906 (the unofficial version is 145.607 MPH) and in June the team was aiming at 150 MPH to break the record, but now apparently they're more confident and have set their sights on a whopping 170 MPH. With steam! That baby's blowing a lot of hot air (and water vapor). [Telegraph]