Illustration for article titled British Police Using High-Tech Helicopters To Catch Speeders, Yell At Them

In an effort to drive both taxpayer groups and paranoid Libertarians nuts at the same time, the Essex police are using a $1,750-an-hour helicopter equipped with some fairly high-tech gear to trap speeders in key areas. The helicopter uses plate recognition software that can recognize a plate and locate the address from up to 700 feet away, and then use the "Skyshout" PA system to scare the crap out of inform drivers that they've been busted. Though some scoff at the expense and the Alex Jones folks don't like being watched, we'd point out that the city is making a big deal of putting up signs at busy locations letting them know the copter is watching them. We think this means it's mostly a bluff intended to get speeders to change their behavior and tickets will likely be handed out by these beautiesmost of the time. [ This Is London photo, Dave Manders/Essex Police]


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