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Volvo announced this week that they are going to start production of a version of their V70 wagon pre-fitted for service in the British Police Force. The company claims the "turn-key" police car will be the first offered, at least in Britain. Typically, police vehicles must be custom painted and outfitted before seeing service. This was true for our Charger Police Car which lacked almost every amenity. The hot-looking V70 comes painted and equipped with a lightbar, radio prep/wiring, larger brakes, speed detection system and other necessary options. It may not have the firepower of the Peacemaker APC, but we imagine this hot police wagon gets better gas mileage. Full press release below the jump.

Press Release From Volvo Special Vehicles Volvo is unveiling the ultimate factory-built police car today (2 September 2008) at the National Association of Police Fleet Manager’s (NAPFM) Conference in Cheltenham. The Volvo V70 police car was designed and developed in conjunction with the NAPFM, National Police Improvement Agency, Police Federation and users. Volvo will build the fully equipped V70 estate on the standard production line in Torslanda, Sweden, offering a turn key solution to the British Police Force. Volvo believes this is the first time a fully equipped frontline UK police car has been available to factory order and is confident of immediate interest from authorities who have been used to a car spending several months having special kit fitted before being able to put it into service. Customers can expect delivery of their Volvo V70 Turn Key police car within 12-14 weeks from their initial order. All elements of the new Volvo V70 Turn Key police car are factory built for UK forces from the battenburg livery and lightbar to all radio prep/wiring and a master control panel. The factory fitted options list reads slightly differently to usual and includes the VASCAR speed detection system, a police surveillance video camera and a two dog cage. This is added to Volvo’s already unique tried and tested police chassis, which includes self leveling suspension and special 17.5 inch brakes and reinforced alloy wheels which further improve stopping distances and brake disc cooling. With Duty of Care being at the top of the wish list for all police authorities, having a car that is fully designed, built and supported in the aftermarket by the manufacturer is another huge plus point for the Volvo V70 Turn Key. Volvo first announced its intentions to design and build the ultimate Turn Key police car at last year’s NAPFM conference. Now, 12 months on, after taking into consideration the wish lists of all UK police authorities, Volvo has delivered the complete car with a range of petrol, diesel and FlexiFuel engines. “Volvo has worked with its partners to deliver what police forces want from a typical patrol car and we are confident it will be a big hit. Being able to factory order a car and know it will be ready for immediate action when it arrives is a significant benefit and it also addresses the Duty of Care commitments of police authorities. We believe this car takes the UK police market to a new level,” said Sarah Tottle, Volvo UK’s special vehicles manager.


[Source: Volvo via Automobile]

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