Blindly following your sat-nav until you nearly tumble down a cliff is one thing, but being a confused senior citizen driving your mobility scooter down Britain's six-lane A27 establishes a new benchmark in limey insanity.

Stanley Murphy, 90, made a wrong turn on his mobility scooter to get his morning paper and ended up on the 70 MPH, six-lane A27 freeway, not a place for a pensioner to hang out. After a half mile, good Samaritan James Dunne pulled in front of the confused man and turned his flashers on, convinced him to pull to the side, and called the local police, who took Murphy home.


Before Stanley hits the freeway for his next big day out, we recommend an upgrade to the Marathon Electric 404TTDS4036 with three phase operation and 100 HP output. That should up the power-to-weight ratio just enough to really bring out the performance characteristics of the scooter.