British drivers have blindly following their navigation systems before, but Robert Jones took it to the extreme, driving his BMW 5-series down a rocky path before a fence barely stopped his plunge off a cliff.

The 43-year old Brit was heading for a friends home near Todmorden, West Yorks when the system took him down a steep and treacherous footpath. His mindless progress stopped as his car hit a fence planted at the edge of a 100 ft cliff which Jones would have probably happily driven off if his navi had told him to. On his He-Man scale feat of stupidity, Robert said, "I just trusted the satnav. It kept insisting that the path was a road even as it was getting narrower and steeper. I rely on my satnav, I couldn't do without it for my job. I guess I'm lucky the car didn't slip all the way over the edge. But it has been a bit of a nightmare."


Locals gathered during the nine hours it took for a crew to pull the car from its predicament, no-doubt snickering at the idiot in the BMW the entire time. We're betting the car ended up rather worse for the wear considering the terrain here. As a result of his boneheaded adventures, Jones got slapped with a careless driving charge and will be most likely be given an honorable mention in this year's Darwin Awards. (Hat tip to Paul, 57sweptside!)

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