Brilliance FRV 1.8T: A Chinese Thrill Ride

Illustration for article titled Brilliance FRV 1.8T: A Chinese Thrill Ride

There are cars that are fun to drive, and then there are cars that, because you know you're a goner if you crash, are just scary to drive. But since most structurally unsound beaters aren't exactly capable of exciting speeds, fast and scary are often mutually exclusive. This, the Brilliance FRV 1.8T, may very well be an exception.


If you remember the significantly less than five-star crash test of the Brilliance BS6, you may never want to so much as ride in a Brilliance, let alone drive one quickly. But the FRV, also known as the Brilliance BS2, will now be offered with a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox. So, as if being terrified of crashing wasn't enough, now you'll be terrified while going much faster. Which, actually, sounds quite thrilling.

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