Brilliant! Chinese Brilliance BS6 Sedan Crumples Like A Coke Can In German Crash Test

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While the folks at the German ADAC institute may not have gotten quite as much of a laugh (if you don't believe us — wait until about 15 seconds into the video here) out of their recent test of the new Brilliance BS6 — the recent Chinese entry into the Euro luxe import sedan market — as EuroNCAP got out of the test of Jiangling Motors' Landwind SUV back in 2005, General Tso's new hotness still didn't fare so well. OK, that's being nice — actually, the BS6 crumpled up like a coke can and received only one star for the 40 mph offset frontal crash test. First China came for our cats, then our teeth, and now the make-a-buck yet socially-socialist country's coming after our knees and our skulls.

[Autobild via Autoblog]


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