Brenda Priddy Auctions Off Rare Badge For Charity

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Everyone's favorite spy photographer, Brenda Priddy (just kidding Hans, we love ya, too) is doing a bit of charity work, perhaps as punishment for bringing us the Hunks of SEMA gallery. All you have to do to help charity is bid on this extremely rare badge from the Dodge Journey, which was originally named the Dodge CREW. It's a badge from a car that never existed! Just be the highest bidder, send the check to charity and Priddy & Co. will do the rest. Oh yeah, tell her you're a Jalopnik reader and she might even throw in one of her famous purple pens (it's our most treasured possession). Full details from Brenda below the jump:


Let's see if I can get all the right buzz words: Dodge - Mopar - Chrysler - SUV - Crossover - Journey - Crew - Chrome - Badge - Spy - Camouflage - Espionage - Automobilia - Collectible - Rare - Auto Show - Emblem - Press - Prototype - Test Car - Future Car ... And this auction is all of the above! This is another Brenda Priddy & Company Charity Auction: You pick the charity (from our list of suggested charities)! You pay the charity directly! Show proof of the payment and the "prize" is all yours! And in the world of automobilia - this is about as rare as it gets! Background: In September of this year, in Frankfurt, Germany, Dodge introduced the Journey - a new crossover / SUV vehicle - at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But up until shortly before the Frankfurt Motor Show, the name for the new Dodge was going to be "Crew". We can't tell you how many chrome name badges were produced for the "Crew" before they officially named it Journey - we've only seen one - and it's the one we have up for auction! Brand new and still stuck on a piece of clear plastic - this is a rare piece of modern Dodge history and we doubt you'll ever see another one - anywhere.

In addition to the chrome name badge, we also have the rear 'camouflage' from a Crew / Journey prototype. It is like-new with foam padding, mesh covers for over the lights, clear plastic which goes over the license plate and an industrial- strength zipper! You'll also get a Dodge Rubik's Cube that was given to the media / press at the Journey's Los Angeles introduction last month (at the L.A. Auto Show), and a 12-inch by 18-inch signed-photo of a Journey test vehicle (with the cover blowing away as engineers are attempting to put it on). (Please note: The photo is simply for your enjoyment, and not for publication anywhere.) If the winning bid is over $300, well add 2 hard-to-get/limited edition I-can't-tell-you-what-it-does-or-I'll-have-to-kill-you purple "espionage" writing pens from Brenda Priddy & Company (me). And if the bidding is over $500, the winning bidder will get an official "Brenda Priddy & Company" Espionage hat! And on top of all the goodies, we'll pay (of course) all the Ebay fees, and all we ask is that you pay $35 for shipping in the U.S. (The camouflage is heavy!). We'll cover any additional shipping charges, although we won't ship this package outside of the United States.

And you get to choose where the purchase price/money goes!! Here's the deal: Bid as usual (nah ... bid EXTRA high - it's for a good cause!) The winning bidder gets to make a donation directly (in the amount of the high/winning bid - or more) to one of the following charitable organizations by way of credit card or PayPal on the internet. (You make it - NOT me!!) Have the organization send me proof of the donation, plus a copy of the e-mail confirmation that they'll send you upon receiving the funds, your fingerprints and your first-born, and I'll happily send you all the goodies! Organizations to choose from: Make A Wish Foundation ( ), American Heart Association ( ), March of Dimes ( ), American Cancer Society ( ), Fisher House ( ), Shriners Hospitals for Children ( ). (Enough choices? Want to suggest another one?) Anyway ... that's it! Easy, isn't it ... and just think - you'll likely be the only one on your block priceless camouflage from a Dodge crossover and a (possibly one-of-a-kind) chrome nameplate / badge that will never be!! (And every last penny of the winning bid goes to a charity!) Go for it ... And let those engineers know that I'm not all that bad!! ... And thanks for reading the nearly 650 words!! Brenda Priddy ....... [eBay]


Spy snapping, now petty theft of rare badges and camo tape? I think we should be worried about Brenda least as much as Bertha Ugleigh.

Oh, and CREW is a MUCH better name than Journey.