Breaking! Will DaimlerChrysler Spin Off Mercedes Group After October Sales Drop?

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Why was it that after the American side of the German-American hybrid merger of equals saw lower auto sales last month combined with quarterly losses, Euro business reporters were clamoring for answers to the question "Will DaimlerChrysler spin off the Chrysler Group?" Yet, when Mercedes saw a 3.5% drop in October sales, due to a dip in demand for the two-seat Smart car, where were those journos asking a similar question of the German side of Dr. Z's bi-continental alliance? So, just to make sure the game's even — we're asking the question for them:

"Hey, Dr. Z — will DaimlerChrysler spin off the Mercedes Group?"

There, that's only fair. We feel much better now.

DaimlerChrysler says Mercedes sales dip 3.5 percent in October [Detroit News]

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