Breaking: Take That Euro Oil Burners: Cost of Diesels Going Up

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When we were a wee Jalopnik, the old man was so GM loyal that the dealers would let him take cars home for the weekend. One fine day he showed up in a diesel Oldsmobile. We were four-years-old, but we were still stoked. Especially after he explained to us that he would only have to refuel it once a year. Better yet, it was totally clean and only gave off water as an emission. About eight-years later after the other kids in honors science class called us a moron did we realize that Papa Loverman was in fact talking 'bout fusion-reactor cars and bitching about how filthy-bad the loaner Olds was. He also told us that Elvis died because the King spilled ketchup all over himself at a picnic and ants ate him. The truth of that situation was revealed to us in the most embarrassing session of "nuh uhs!" in the history of the sixth grade. Oh, and if you live in Europe and want a nice clean-burning Diesel, it is going to cost you.

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