Breaking News: Sébastien Loeb Makes Mistake

This is going to be hard to believe but Sébastien Loeb has made a mistake while driving. Yes, the nine-time WRC champion whose record is so clean that I could wipe my ass with it. He had a slight crash.


Basically, he went sideways on special stage 8 on some ice and tapped the left rear wheel into a wall. It was hard enough that the whole corner broke off.

Loeb completes, but with terminal-looking broken left-rear suspension. "It happened when I hit - a little bit - a rock in an icy place. Not too hard, but it broke - I don't know exactly what - but something is wrong. I had to try really hard because I knew with the road conditions it was impossible in this [road] position, so I tried really hard with a different tyre choice and did a mistake. Will it get back to service? I will try."

Loeb is now a couple of minutes down on his rivals and is effectively out of contention for a win here at the Monte.


UPDATE: Loeb has not given up. Loeb, you beautiful sweet creature.


(Top Photo Credit: WRC)

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