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We're hearing the Mercedes-Benz US unit is going the way of the General and offering voluntary buyouts to staff at their Montvale, NJ corporate headquarters. According to the the North Jersey Media Group, no details have been made available to the press or the workers affected — other than it'll be likely offered to those with at least ten years of service with the company. Since this is the second time Montvale's been targeted for employment reductions, we're starting to wonder if there's any truth to that rumored consolidation of Mercedes staff to the Auburn Hills DCX tech center. Our thoughts after the jump.

So, it's well known that Dieter Zetsche is a pretty big fan of both the folks he left over in Auburn Hills to run his beloved Chrysler group. We also know that he wasn't so much a fan of predecessor Jurgen Schrempp's attempts at moving and consolidating staff to Jersey and New York. One of our sources tells us that it would make a helluva lot of fiscal sense to fill up a couple of floors in Auburn Hills with the few hundred or so staff left in Jersey after this round of reductions. Also, with Mercedes and Chrysler looking to increase the sharing of platforms, this seems to make a lot of sense.

We mean — we try to never underestimate the staggering draw of the "Garden State", but come on — it's totally not true, whereas everyone knows that when Michigan says "Great Lakes State" — it's got those big blue wet things around it to back it up.

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