Breaking! Ghosn: GM-Renault-Nissan Discussions Won't Include Talk Of A Capital Stake

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Kirk Kerkorian's big time plan for a "Big" capital stake in General Motors for Renault-Nissan may not only not be in the cards — it won't even be discussed over the next 90 days. So says Renault-Nissan CEO, Carlos "Big Man" Ghosn in a discussion with reporters outside Nissan's Tokyo headquarters:

"We are not making the capital investment inside General Motors as the first element or condition...I am totally aware General Motors is an icon in the U.S. Because I know that, I don't believe in anything hostile. I believe this has to be a strong partnership."


Since prevailing opinion was KirkKerk's only interest in this whole cockamamie scheme was as a way to boost price of his own "Big" share of the General's general stock, we wonder how his shares will do on news this whole thing may just end up in a partnership over building wiring harnesses or cup holders in Korea?

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