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Following a brake-line failure at Pocono Raceway on Friday, ARCA Racing Series driver Gus Dean overshot his pit stall and sent two crew members airborne. The footage looks almost like something from a violent video game, and one crew member reportedly sustained a concussion in the incident.

The spin near Dean’s pit stall led him to collect his jackman and a tire changer. The tire changer, Pedro Martinez, was able to get to his feet pretty quickly after being knocked to the ground. A limping Martinez went to the infield care center on site and was released without a trip to the hospital, according to Fox Sports. Jackman Jon House stayed on the ground until a medical crew brought a neck brace and helped him up, later heading offsite for evaluation.


Here’s the full video of the incident:

A tweet by Cyndy House on Friday evening said House “should make close to or full recovery” from a concussion and potential bleeding, and an update tweet said he possibly has two small bleeds. House himself posted a photo on Friday in a neck brace, and there looks to be a slight smile for the camera on his face:

It wasn’t bueno, but it’ll sure make for a story to tell.

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