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The Brabham name came back to the fore a couple of years ago with the announcement of the BT62, an exceedingly fast track car with a huge $1.3 million price tag. The company says it is working on its follow up, a road legal supercar fighter that will cost considerably less than the BT62.


The BT62 has got a 700 horsepower V8, crazy downforce, and even crazier looks. It requires driving lessons, and it can’t be legally driven on the street (unless you pay an extra chunk of money). But only 70 of them will be built. The plan is to homologate the BT62 for racing in the World Endurance Championship, and by extension Le Mans, in late 2022.

Because of this Le Mans ambition, this new junior Brabham isn’t going to be ready for at least three years. Which means Brabham has to set sights even higher than fighting the 720S. Benchmarking the 720S and F8 Tributo won’t be good enough as McLaren and Ferrari will have already moved on to the next big power mid-engine supercar. That said, using the 720 as a benchmark isn’t a terrible idea as it’s probably the upper limit of what normal humans can really make use of on roads—or even tracks—anyway.


While McLaren is aiming to produce thousands of cars per year, building some 4800 cars in 2018, Brabham has a lower goal. “Between 100 and 200 cars per annum sounds right,” says Brabham commercial director, speaking to Motoring Research.

As with anything Brabham has done since 2014, I’m forced to ask if this is what a crowdfunded LMP2 program looks like.

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