Bored Lewis Hamilton Snapchats During F1 Press Conference And It's The Best Thing He's Ever Done

Formula 1's triple world champion Lewis Hamilton had to apologize for being a human being today, after he Snapchatted through a pointless, boring, dull, boring press conference before this weekend’s upcoming race.

This is maybe the most human and relatable thing Hamilton has ever done.

The drama is that Lewis, even though he is a triple world champion and you’d think would be able to do whatever the hell he wants, had to go to a press conference today, Thursday, for the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend, Sunday. Lewis Hamilton, being a human being, Snapchatted through the whole thing and gave all his fellow drivers goofy Snapchat filter faces. Here’s Haas F1 driver and Hamilton’s No. 1 friend Esteban Gutiérrez as what I thought was a doe but is actually a fox.


British people have a weird thing with foxes. I don’t get it:

Here’s Hamilton’s team communications’ officer Bradley Lord also as a fox:


Here’s Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz Jr. as a bunny with the caption “This shit is killing me,” which is a wise read:


And here is Hamilton himself as a bunny. The ears match the hat. Good Snapchattery here:


All in all, this is the most relatable, honest stuff to come out of a press conference otherwise concerned with, I don’t know, engine replacement points penalties? I don’t know, nobody can watch this crap.

The whole mess brought Hamilton to apologize in another Snapchat message, as F1 Today reports:

“Regarding last post. I realise now how some people have perceived it, media particulary,” read the message posted to a bare black background.

“I was actually meaning this filter is killing me with laughter,” referring to the filter he used, which made him and Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz appear as cartoon rabbits. “ I was in tears, Still, there’s no need to get all emotional about it”.


Moral of the story: Lewis Hamilton is, in fact, a genuine (bored) human being.

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