Bored By Cadillacs In Drab Colors?

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What is it about Florida? The 2000 election, the Primate Aztek, and now this. What we have here is a 2000 Cadillac DeVille with a wild two-tone paint job, neon, spinners, the works. But mostly it's the paint... well, and the interior. If you buy this car- and the current bid is just $7600 at the time of this writing- we guarantee you will be noticed! [eBay Motors]




Certain color contrasts are said to 'vibrate' because of the way the optical recepters and visual cortex work together to perceive color. IIRC, of all the color combinations that do this, true blue (like in bluescreen) combined with hot pink are the worst offenders. People who like high contrast colors usually choose these colors because they have an underlying condition which causes them to perceive the world as too drab. Depressed people can be this way. Stimulant abusers (crack, meth etc.) frequently have profound post-high depressive periods, which can cause them to paint things wild colors, cut off their hair, shave their eyebrows, etc. Whoever did this car probably should not be allowed to have firearms. In fact I would take away his spraygun and keep him out of the body shop too.