Primate Aztek Brings Existential Terror To All!

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Brachiate down to eBay, my fellow primates, and feast your eyes on this amazing 2003 Pontiac Aztek. It's got the Lambo Doors, it's got the thumping sound system, and of course it's got the Aztek-tastic babe posing for photos. But most of all, it has primate-themed murals, with everything from chimps to good ol' Homo Sapiens making an appearance on its flanks. The Buy It Now is just $18,500, and the seller has 35 grand in receipts to prove you're getting a steal! Thanks to TinaChow and Yuri for the tip. [eBay Motors]

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@NOVALOAD: "..99% of primate species have no money..."

—Blank Stare—

This begs the question of where mama got the change to purchase the vinyl for her ensemble. Or is that latex? In either case, this is proof what happens to the brain cells if you don't use a spray booth when you paint.