Boost Past The Competition With This 1997 Volvo 850R

Photos: Craigslist

If you’ve been looking for a car to bring to Radwood, consider this Volvo 850R that’s up for sale in Ashland, Oregon. This one was originally an automatic, but the seller swapped out the slushbox and put in a manual.

Which means, for $4500, you’re getting a manual, five-cylinder, turbocharged station wagon. That sure checks a lot of boxes if you’re looking for something unique.


At over 211,000 miles, it’s certainly been “loved” but it’s in remarkably good shape and, according to the seller, has had many parts replaced with newer aftermarket options.

The car isn’t without its quirks. According to the listing, the AC does not work and the reverse lights don’t come on. The lights will probably need attention. It also will definitely need some minor work to get it back to that ‘90s chic.


What do you think? Is $4500 worth it for this turbo manual swapped Euro-wagon? Or do the current problems take away from the Rad factor?

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