Despite the fact that Americans cannot buy many of the world’s fastest wagons, Mercedes is a ray of light in this dark world of longroof deprivation and continues to sell the E63 AMG wagon on our shores. As it turns out the E63 S is now the quickest wagon around the ‘Ring.

The footage comes from a German car blog appropriately named Sport Auto, in which one of their test pilots hustles the big wagon around the ‘Ring in bonkers quick 7:45.19. Sure, other supercars may be a bit quicker, but you would expect as much if you dropped a quarter million dollars on some mid-engined speed demon with a carbon fiber body.


The appeal of the E63 S wagon is the fact that you can hustle your family around in comfort in a car that can also lap the Nurburgring with some of the world’s best sports cars.

There are some of you who say “I don’t quite get this whole fast wagon thing.” I know who you are; I read the comments. For the rest of us, enjoy the video.

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