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Okay, so we gave the C4 a round of the business yestiddy because of an absolutely craptacular ad that seriously, if you missed it, you have to go watch. Austin's sister told us she'd watch it later, but we swear she'll be kicking herself for not watching it sooner. Meanwhile, the only 'Vette to be named internally, informally for a Minutemen song, was really pretty goddamn shocking when it arrived on the scene back in 1990. A four-cam, Lotus-designed, Mercury Marine-built, never-before, obscenely cool-looking 375 (later 405) horsepower almost-350 with a different bore and stroke than the then-traditional L98 5.7?

Yes, please, very much yes. Ironically, less than a decade after the DOHC motor was phased out, the LS6 ended up matching it for horsepower. While still using pushrods. Still, LT5, you were a landmark motor, and you well-addled our brain as a youngster. You were the powerplant for the best and the brightest of the C4s, and well, we can't not salute you. Now we're gonna go back to sniggering at the world's first computer-activated manual transmission.

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