So reader Joe has been sifting through his back catalog of Betamax tapes and culling old ads for postage. And oh our gosh did he just run across a doozy. We wish our memory was better so we could say if it's actually an '83 'Vette ad or an '84 spot (people who care about such things know that there was no '83 model year for the Corvette, although a few prototype cars were built). Regardless, the Plastic Fantastic in the ad featured a top speed of at least 55mph, the world's first computer-activated manual transmission, never-before-available unidirectional turbine-finned wheels, fourteen separate instrument readouts, and an available Delco-Bose stereo with four never-before speakers, separately engineered for sound that's out of this world. Plus, the Stig's dad drove it through a budget-Tron landscape. God, the '80s sucked.

Chevrolet's Dreamy New 2005 Corvette Spot [Internal]