Oh man, this is short but great. Outside the Pheasant Pub in Drogheda County, Ireland, some jackass was trying to break into a car (looks like a Mercedes) by flinging stones and things at the window, to no avail. So the guy tries a nice, heavy brick. And the brick takes care of the situation.


Yep, that's what you saw. Guy flings brick at window, brick bounces back, clocks guy in the face, guy drops like a sack of, well, more bricks. Brick -1, dipshit -0.

According to the YouTube description, they guy suffered "major head injuries," and was arrested. Oh, and the guy appears to disappear because this was shot off a looping CCTV feed.


So, pay attention, potential criminals: make sure every member of your gang is trustworthy, animate or not.

(Thanks, Mark and BoingBoing!)

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