For this next story, I'm going to need you to gather enough salt that you'll have no reason not to make margaritas afterward. The latest rumor involving the much-speculated-on next-gen Porsche Boxster and Cayman says the cars will be renamed the Porsche 718. Guhhh?

Automobile reports that the 718 name was supposed to be used for the now-cancelled baby Boxster, which scuttled our dreams for a less-expensive entry level Porsche. (Remember how Porsche said their entry level car is a used Porsche?)

Instead, they say, the 718 name will live on as the nameplate of the next Cayman and Boxster. Like the 911 does now, the 718 will encompass a whole range of models, including coupes and convertibles with four- and six-cylinder motors and several high-performance variants. It's a historic name, derived from the race car of the 1950s and 1960s that replaced the 550.


Why should we even believe such a rumor? Well, for one, it comes from Georg Kacher, European bureau chief of Automobile and and editor at the UK's CAR. He's a very plugged-in fellow who's more credible than most.

On one hand, merging the Cayman and Boxster into the same model — they've always been on the same architecture, obviously — makes a lot of sense, especially with a ton of variants in the pipeline. They could make it into a whole family of models just like its big brother the 911.


On the other hand... I don't know, this rumor is just so radical that it's hard to believe. Though there's certainly been a historical precedent with names like 914 and 928, Porsche has been one of the few premium car companies not to move to anonymous-sounding alphanumerics for their cars. Also, Boxster and Cayman have a ton of brand equity. Even non-car people know what a Boxster is. Why throw that away?

Then again, it's possible that they'll keep those names anyway in addition to the 718 designation, just like how the 911 is a Carrera but nobody really calls it that. Or maybe 718 will be the car's internal designation, like how the Boxster and Cayman are currently the 981.


I dunno. We'll see. It's pretty crazy to consider. What do you guys think of the 718 strategy?

Hat tip to Chris McMays in Oppo!