Is This A Four-Cylinder Turbo Porsche Cayman Or What?

Hey guys, is this a four-cylinder turbocharged Porsche Cayman or what?


We've seen and heard Porsche Cayman and Boxsters blitz their way around the Nürburgring over the past few months, but or 'Ring-watching friends at Bridge To Gantry now have a side-by-side comparison of this new car to the old flat-six one.

Things are crazy at Porsche these days! The Cayman and Boxster might get flat-fours! The 911 models all may get turbos! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!


I don't know what to think, but I do know this new car and the old one sound quite different. How many cylinders do you hear?

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Anthony Miller

Wasn't there something published a couple weeks ago that said the flat four business was bs and they weren't going to do it?

Also, sidenote, that first exhaust note sounds like poo when compared to the flat six.