Bonkers Pre-Recession German Retronaut Wiesmann Claims It Still Exists

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I can’t remember if I first experienced Wiesmann in either Forza Motorsport or with that one Top Gear clip, but it’s stuck with me since. The German boutique automaker has been talking about a comeback for a while now, and, yes it’s still on track for that. But we’ve got a new development.


We last chatted about Wiesmann in 2017 (approximately 14 human years ago) after learning that it had signed a product development and supply contract with BMW in order to supply some V8s sourced from M-cars. That was it. No further details, no photos, nothing.


That changes today. A teaser photo of the supposedly new Wiesmann sitting beneath a sheet appeared on, taken at the company’s factory in Dülmen, Germany. It certainly looks Wiesmann-ish. The outlet reports that both the new car and Wiesmann’s website will drop in September.

The upcoming, unnamed car will very likely have the current M5's twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V8 motor that produces 600 horsepower, though it’s not yet known what the Wiesmann model’s output will be.

September is right around the corner, and with it a new Wiesmann will come, apparently. It could go either way, if I’m being honest. But at the very least, I’m super into it because it’s Wiesmann still claiming to be around. It’s not dead, you guys.

All this Wiesmann talk got me feeling like it’s 2009 all over again. Good thing there isn’t another recession looming over Wiesmann as it tries to make its comeback from a recession that nearly killed it the first time around!

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