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While I know we’re getting an all-new Land Rover Defender soon, I can’t help but feel like the upcoming all-electric Bollinger B1 and B2 SUV and truck are the real spiritual successor to the original Defender—and these new available modifications are only more convincing.

While the new actual Defender seems to share a lot with the regular, very posh modern Land Rovers of the world, likely targeting more of the new luxury Mercedes G-Class market than the rugged, utilitarian off-roading market, this electric Bollinger checks all the boxes.


Simple. Boxy. Off-road capable. And importantly, extremely modifiable, as the company recently revealed.

These new renderings tweeted out by Bollinger last week, were also reported on by InsideEVs, show off what Bollinger says its customers have been requesting.


That includes tube-frame doors, basket-style roof railing, a roof ladder, enough roof-mounted lights to peer through a black hole, both a rear-mounted spare AND a hood-mounted spare, for when that 200-mile-or-less off-road adventure goes really, really wrong, headlight grilles, fender flares, black wheels, a truck winch, and two jerrycans full of, I would assume, water.

All of these features appear to be new options for the class-three Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 pickup, and it’s unclear if there are any new interior modifications also available.


Both the SUV and truck come with two electric motors—one per axle making it all-wheel drive—with a total output of 614 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is 100 mph, and the 120 kWh battery pack offers a claimed 200 mile range, pushing around a curb weight of 4,800 pounds.

While Bollinger was initially supposed to begin deliveries months ago, the company now claims deliveries of five-door models will begin in 2020.


While it’s not a great look to be late by your own standard, I support any company making cool cars. An electric wannabe Defender that can be modified to look like a torn down off-roader is extremely cool.

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