Bob Lutz Fails To Scare Jalopnik On Local Detroit TV

Illustration for article titled Bob Lutz Fails To Scare iJalopnik/i On Local Detroit TV

GM's "Maximum Marketing" Bob Lutz thinks he can psych us out ahead of his race against our own Wes Siler with his talk of all his racing licenses he once had. Key word there being once had. [WDIV]


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I once flew an F-4 Phantom directly from a sortie in Vietnam to Mugello, where I crash landed in the infield before hopping into Jackie Ickx's already-running 312B3 ‘Spazzaneve’ F1 car to run enough laps to obtain a superlicense to compete in F1.

I found F1 boring though, so I founded "Flight Club", where former pilots and disillusioned ad execs would fight in live-ammo combat over the skies of New Mexico (btw, Don Draper? Wuss.).

After killing all of my close friends, I set a land-speed record of mach 4.3 at Black Rock, a time that was disqualified because I ended up in Utah when my parachute failed. Annoyed by my failure, I became a Mormon, quit drinking, and ended up as a starred commenter on Jalopnik, scraping by on table scraps and helping F1 teams around their in-season testing ban by testing on my own personal track on mars.

That's why Ol' Bob won't race me. His balls shrink just hearing my name. That and I can't get my damn car running. #lutzvssiler