Jalopnik Vs. GM: It's On!

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It's official. Jalopnik's Wes Siler will race GM's former vice-chairman Bob "Maximum Marketing" Lutz on October 29th at New York's Monticello Motor Club. Better news? You may be able to race Bob and Wes. May the best car win, bitches.

If you're not sure what's going on — here's the back-story. In a media conference call last month, while announcing the General's new "May The Best Car Win" marketing campaign, Bob Lutz told journalists he'd race a CTS-V versus any production car on Laguna Seca out west. Matt Hardigree came up with the idea to call him out on his shenanigans. I agreed he should let Bob know we'd be willing to put Jalopnik's road test editor Wes Siler up against the "Maximum Madman." Lutz accepted and now it's on. Yes, that's right, we'll be racing Bob in a Jaguar XFR (Mercedes wasn't too keen on the idea of the C63 AMG vs the CTS-V, but that's OK, we're comfortable with the XFR) and better news? You can be there too.


Do you want to have a go at Wes and Bob in your own production vehicle? Here's how it's going to work.

● You go to Fastlane and read Bob's post.

● Then go to this website and sign up.

● Then we help pick the folks we'll see at Monticello.

● Then it's on like Donkey Kong on October 29th.