Bob Geldof Has Started A Flotilla Protest Boat Battle On The Thames

The initial protest flotilla. Photo Credit Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Irish rock singer Bob Geldof and British right-wing nutjob politician Nigel Farage have clashed on the waters of the Thames, with rival flotillas of boats locked in loud and absurd protest.

At issue is British fishing rights, which the unhinged, wannabe working class, and totally not racist you guys we swear British right loves to complain about. Farage got this whole thing started by joining a flotilla of small fishing boats out onto the Thames protesting to secede from the EU for favorable fishing rights, as The Guardian reports.


This is when Bob Geldof, yes, the Boomtown Rats guy, the guy who was in The Wall, took his own boat out onto the Thames and started counter-protesting against Farage. Geldof successfully out-loudmouthed Farage, blasting music and drowning out Farage’s attempts at conducting TV interviews.

At some point Farage’s supporters fired water at Geldof’s boat, then attempted to board the vessel “to tell him the truth,” The Guardian furthers.

Farage himself offered this condemnation to Geldof’s crude but perhaps level-headed counter-protest:

“It’s just insulting to these people. Some of these lads have come from the north of Scotland, communities that have never been listened to, where we have seen tens of thousands of jobs lost and a way of life destroyed, and they come here to make their protest and be heard and they get a multimillionaire laughing at them. Horrible, disgusting.”


At the time of publishing, British police are attempting to intervene.

I definitely do not understand the intricacies of British/EU fishing policies but this is just incredible in its own right.


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