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If you wanted to add new features to your ConnectedDrive BMW the process was simple: you bought a new BMW. That's changing next year with the U.S. introduction of the ConnectedDrive Store, giving owners the option to purchase different services as they need them and providing downloadable updates to existing systems.


The store allows owners to add new functionality through either their home computer or directly through the ConnectedDrive system in the car. Every new BMW has a SIM card installed, so it's just a matter of choosing the service you want, paying a fee, and it downloads directly to the head unit.


At launch BMW is offering its Real Time Traffic Information service, map upgrades, and internet service, as well as a new Concierge feature that connects drivers with living, breathing humans to provide everything from restaurant recommendations to hotel booking and movie showtimes.

BMW's been running the store in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany for the past several months and it's finally bringing it to the states this Spring. More functionality is expected to follow after its debut at CES next month.

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