Millions Of 'Connected' BMWs Were Possibly Using Unencrypted Data

BMW sent a press release out today partially titled BMW Group ConnectedDrive increases data security. This is technically true, but doesn't quite get at the core issue: data security was 'increased' because there had been almost none. The German Automobile Association (ADAC) discovered this when they were able to… »1/30/15 1:45pm1/30/15 1:45pm


​BMW's New App Store Lets You Add A La Carte Features

If you wanted to add new features to your ConnectedDrive BMW the process was simple: you bought a new BMW. That's changing next year with the U.S. introduction of the ConnectedDrive Store, giving owners the option to purchase different services as they need them and providing downloadable updates to existing systems.
»12/29/14 8:40pm12/29/14 8:40pm

BMW Expands ConnectedDrive, Allows Access To Entire Internet

Remember BMW's ConnectedDrive—the service that gives your in-car information system access to Google Local Search and pairs it up with the navigation system? BMW is taking it one step further by no longer limiting what you can and cannot access with ConnectedDriv, meaning you will be able to browse all of the porn… »2/25/08 3:15pm2/25/08 3:15pm

It's Official: BMW Gets Google Local Search And It's Available Now...In Germany

It's official, there's a press release and everything. As part of their "ConnectedDrive" theory on in-car information systems, BMW is now the first auto manufacturer to offer Google local search straight from the in-dash nav system. You can look for Yellow Pages-type information like names and addresses of… »8/31/07 12:58pm8/31/07 12:58pm