BMW Precision Cures Insomnia

An afternoon press conference from the superior engineering crowd over at BMW didn't exactly infuse excitement in the already weary and jet-lagged crowd. BMW will continue to use clever internal combustion to achieve greater efficiency and create more horsepower. The Bavarians will utilize valvetronics, and have gone through great lengths to make the cars look happier. The coming X6 will bring Bavarian charm and dollars to Spartansburg, North South Carolina. BMW plans to continue lightening up the suspension for more precise handling. Business activities have been good overall. None of this news phased the unsprung masses, a few of whom made like Rip Van Winkle instead of Nick Heidfeld. Bottles of exhaust from the Hydrogen 7 were also served

Spartanburg, Are You Ready to Rock? BMW's X6 Gearup; Oddball F1 Car of Yesteryear: Tyrrell P34 in Monaco [Internal]


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