BMW May Be Reviving The 8-Series: Report

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BMW has been busy collecting 8-Series vehicle monikers with trademark applications including the “M8" title, with a “BMW insider” spilling to Auto Express plans for a luxury GT car to take on the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

The inaugural 8-Series bowed out in 1999 never quite reaching the potential many felt it had yet to achieve, and BMW has moved on seemingly without ever looking back. Until now! Maybe.


With the recent rumors that the next generation BMW 6-Series would reinvent itself to take on the likes of the Porsche 911 and Mercedes AMG GT, BMW is now looking to bring back the 8-Series to take on Mercedes’ other coupe offering, the S-Class Coupe.


The report from Auto Express reads:

Trademark applications with the global intellectual property regulators reveal that BMW has already started the basic prep work. In late March it applied to strengthen its control of a string of 8 Series-related names, including 825, 830, 835, 850, 845, 860 and M850.

A BMW insider has confirmed to Auto Express that the move was not merely a case of the company ring-fencing the badges for possible future use, and that it reflects an imminent rejig of BMW’s GT line-up.

BMW has also applied to register M8, signalling the potential arrival of a production car that was originally considered back in the early nineties


While an 8-Series GT-type coupe makes all sorts of sense, the 6-Series that currently fills that role has seen less-than-stellar sales as of late, another reason many believe it’s being re-worked into a 911 fighter.

But nonetheless there is competition for such a car with Mercedes selling the S-Class Coupe, and it matches BMW’s trend of sexier even-numbered coupe-versions of their odd-numbered offerings, completely inventing the concept of a “4-Series.”


I’m most exciting for the design direction BMW will take for an M8, if it’s actually working on such a thing. Is it silly to hope they wont make it too busy and bloated, and try to be inspired by the great sleek design of the ‘90s? Here’s hoping, anyway.