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BMW M3 Plowed Into House By Idiot Teen Driver

Illustration for article titled BMW M3 Plowed Into House By Idiot Teen Driver

Potential idiot parents take note — the 2008 BMW M3 is a finely crafted, high-performance, German-engineered rocket sled. It is not a present to buy for your LA-area 19-year-old. When parents like you buy cars like M3s for your kids, things like this happen — they pile a couple of guys in the car, then take it out for high-speed foolishness. At the peak of teenage testosterone, they will hit the "M button," rocket up a hill, lose control, jump a curb and bash into a house.


You do not have to one-up your idiot neighbors. In fact, do not buy your son a car at all. If you do, buy him a clapped-out 80's-era Volvo. We know you think your son deserves all the best, but he also doesn't deserve to turn into that idiot teen who gets ridiculed on the internet for crashing expensive BMW's into peoples houses — or for ramping off the end of a runway berm, killing everyone in the car. [E46Fanatics]


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Rob Emslie

Well, at least he managed to get the pizza there in 30 minutes or less.